Getka Gaiters


Weight: 25 g

Lightweight gaiters are hard to come by in Europe, and we have been searching for good options for a while. Finally we discovered Getka Gaiters, which follow the popular model preferred by long-distance hikers. At last, gaiters that we can truly recommend!

Getka Gaiters are designed by Bulgarian Triple Crowner Petar “Moonshine” Vanev. They are breathable and easy to use without straps that break and get muddy underfoot. The material is flexible and abrasion-resistant. The gaiters prevent needles, snow, and sand from entering the shoe. They also protect the ankles from insects.

The Getkas are attached with a Velcro closure at the back of the shoe. If the shoes lack a rear velcro, they come with high-quality adhesive velcro tape made by 3M. The strap-free design allows you to remove your shoes without having to take off the gaiters first. Best suited for trail running shoes. Excellent for hiking as well as trail running.

Getka Gaiters

Getka Gaiters are breathable and ultralight hiking gaiters. They follow the model commonly used on long-distance trails such as PCT and AT. Made from durable and flexible material, these gaiters are easy to put on.

Most gaiters on the market are frankly terrible. Either the fabric doesn’t breathe and makes your ankles sweat, or the attachment method is fiddly with cords and knots that end up being a hassle. Getka Gaiters get it right: the fabric breathes and the attachment is hassle-free without knots or zippers.

Getka Gaiters prevent needles, sand, debris, and snow from entering your shoes. During bug season, these gaiters protect your ankles from bloodsuckers.

Getka Gaiters attach easily with a front hook and rear Velcro closure. Included is high-quality 3M adhesive tape for shoes without a rear Velcro.


  • Strapless: no breakable or muddy straps or cords
  • Breathable: designed to prevent sweating
  • Flexible: fits well and covers the shoe
  • Universal: adaptable design fits various shoe brands

Getka Gaiters are made from durable material, and their flexibility enhances durability against branches. While all gaiters are more durable on trails, Getka Gaiters are easy to tuck under pant cuffs for extra protection in dense bush areas.

Available in various patterns from conservative to wild, these gaiters are a great way to show your hiking buddies your level of craziness this year.

Size Shoe size Heel-Ankle bend
S 37-41 <11 cm
M 42-46 Up to 14 cm
L 46-48 >14 cm

Manufactured in Bulgaria by a small business.

Weight 25 g

Topo, Abstract Camo, Red Diamonds, Black Dots, Mandala, Abstract


S, M, L

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