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Bonfus is a small family business with branches based in Norway, Italy and Mexico. Bonfus creates ultralight quality equipment with modern materials and design concepts. 

Bonfus understands that ultralight equipment can help you enjoy your adventures, because a lighter and smaller pack makes it easier to cover greater distances with less energy and strain on your body.

Weight: 4g

Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Shoulder Pouch

Weight: 13g

Tents and tarps

Bonfus Pole Extender

Weight: 16g

Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Hipbelt Pocket

Weight: 20g

Dry bags and Pack liners

Bonfus DCF Food Bag

50,90 55,90 
Weight: 25g

Dry bags and Pack liners

Bonfus DCF Drybag

37,50 47,90 
Weight: 19g

Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Fanny Pack

Weight: 43g

Tents and tarps

Bonfus Middus 1P

Weight: 295g

Out of stock

Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Fastus 23L

Weight: 360g


Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Saccus 48L

259,00 279,00 
Weight: 440g

Backpacks and carry

Bonfus Framus 58L

Weight: 760g