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Gpacks is a company founded by two friends and hiking enthusiasts, Giacomo and Giacomo, hailing from Italy. The idea for GPACKS was born when they crafted their first backpacks to fit within the maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage, eventually expanding their product line to cater specifically to hiking needs. The initial designs were straightforward but challenging to produce with the available sewing machines. With an increase in demand for their backpacks, they decided to invest in new machinery and upgrade their products, making them more sophisticated and suitable for technical outdoor use. This evolution allowed them to optimize production and enhance the quality of their offerings. Today, Gpacks is focused on growth and improvement, driven by their passion for creating innovative and practical gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Dry bags and Pack liners

Gpacks Ditty Pouch

15,95 17,95 

Dry bags and Pack liners

Gpacks DCF Drybag/Foodbag

43,90 55,90 
Weight: 34g

Weight: 160g