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Granite Gear, born in the Boundary Waters and tougher than granite. Granite Gear was born among the placid network of wild waterways etched through the boreal forest that make up the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Ontario. During a paddling trip through Quetico Provincial Park in 1986 Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank realized there was a need for better outdoor gear, planting the kernel that became Granite Gear. From those humble beginnings—two buddies on a camping trip—Granite Gear has grown into an internationally respected brand that matches purpose with weight, comfort and durability. Their award-winning backpacks and accessories have gained a cultish following and have proven their mettle in the earth’s harshest environments, from Mount Everest to the North and South Poles, and to thousands of miles of everyday wear and tear. Jeff and Dan set out to make the best gear imaginable and they and Granite Gear’s team of product designers and engineers have accomplished it—with an ever expanding line of products ranging from stuff sacks, to ultralight packs, to ultra-durable packs that meet the demands of soldiers. Granite Gear’s gear is truly tougher than granite.

We are long-time Granite Gear backpack users ourselves, and are proud to present their products in Europe!

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Dry bags and Pack liners

Granite Gear Hiker Wallet

Weight: 12g

Backpacks and carry

Granite Gear Bottle Holster

Weight: 52g

Weight: 75g

Backpacks and carry

Granite Gear Crown 3 60 Unisex

Weight: 1088g

Weight: 1088g