Privacy policy, statement of registry and GDPR

This is the Privacy policy and registyr statement for Farlite Oy according to EU GDPR legislation. Formed 19.1.2022. Latest change 1.2.2022.

1. Holder of register

Farlite Oy, Finnish company ID 3249416-4, Parikkaankatu 15, 05820 Hyvinkää, Finland

2. Responsible person for managing the register

Ossi Määttä,

3. Name of register

Farlite Oy asiakasrekisteri

4. Purpose of handling of information and legislative basis

To use the services of Farlite Oy, customers will need to accept the means of using and collecting of information as stated in this policy. This acceptance is verified and recorded during the order completion process (agreement), during the creation of customer account for the website (acceptance) or during other such event requiring the collection of customer information.

The purpose of personal information collection is the improvement of customer experience and service, contacting customers, managing customer relationships, marketing, statistics, prevention of scamming and misuse and targeting of content. We hold the right to use the information in external services, such as in Facebook marketing.

If you have ordered our newsletter, we can send you e-mail. If you wish to opt out from the newsletter, it is possible to cancel the subscription any time.

5. Information content of register

The information included in the register is given by the customer or website visitor. This includes data such as:

  • Name
  • Contact details, such as phone number, e-mail address, post address
  • Location information, such as currency and shipping details
  • Payment details, such as billing information and used payment method.
  • E-mail addess and certificate used for Google or Facebook login
  • Product reviews
  • Marketing permission
  • Information given on a separate document, such as customer survey answers
  • Clothing size to give targeted recommendations
  • If the product is out of stock, necessary information to inform you when the product is available again.

Additionally, we hold the right to collect data during the purchase process. This could include data such as purchase history, items placed in cart, ordered items, returns, browsing- and usage information for Farlite website. Additionally we use analytics to derive information, such as product recommendations based on browsing data.

The IP addresses and necessary cookies of Farlite website visitors are used with legitimate interest to protect visitors’ data security and to collect visitor statistical data in cases where they are to be considered as personal information. It is possible to decline cookies and third party cookies.

6. Regular sources of information and cookies

The information stored in the registry is collected from customers during order completion process, sign-in process, e-mail and via social media services.

We use cookies on the website. It is possible to decline cookies when entering the website, or change their settings. Cookies store information of the device used for accessing the website. This includes data such as account name, selected language, font size, and viewing settings. The information given once thus improves the website experience when re-entering Farlite website.

We use different types of cookies. Technical cookies are used to recognize a customer, keep him/her signed in and for maintaining shopping cart between visits. To use this functions you need to accept the cookies. The cookies are stored in the browser for one month, unless they are removed from browser settings. Re-entering the site will reset the cookies if the browser is set to allow it.

Cookies are also used to personalize the user experience. If you allow the personalization, we can offer you more products you are interested in and better targeting of marketing messages. For personalization, a third party cookie is required to be accepted.

We use other technologies such as analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) and web bugs. These technologies help us better understand the behaviour of our customers and tell us which sites in are store are most interesting and useful for our customers.

We can make agreements with third party providers to help us better understand the visitors of Farlite website. These service providers are not allowed to use the information unless it is directly related to Farlite business and improves the Farlite customer experience.

7. Regular sharing of information and transferring of information outside EU and ETA areas

The information is not regularly shared with other parties. The information can be published if agreed with the customer beforehand. Information can be transferred outside EU and ETA boundaries.

8. Register data security policy

Careful data security policies are applied when handling personal information. The customer information is protected appropriately. When register information is stored online, physical and digital data security measures are maintained. The registry holder ensures that given information and security-critical information such as server passwords are handled respectfully and with full security measures, and by only the employees who truly need to access the data.

9. Right to review and correct information

Every person in the register has the right to review and correct the information stored about them. If the person wants to do this, he needs to contact the register holder. The holder may require the person to prove their identity. The holder of register will answer in the time set in the EU data protection regulation (typically six months).

The person in the register has the right to remove all the information stored about him/her. Everyone in the register has the rights as dictated in the EU data protection regulation such as limiting the use of personal information in certain situations. If the person wants to do this, he needs to contact the register holder. The holder may require the person to prove their identity. The holder of register will answer in the time set in the EU data protection regulation (typically six months).

Template: Harto Pönkä/Innowise