Gpacks Ditty Pouch

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A small, handy, and durable zipper pouch. Perfect for use as a wallet or for storing other small items while hiking or traveling. Available in vibrant colors that are easy to spot when digging through your backpack. Made from high-quality backpack fabric, this pouch withstands regular use.

Crafted from recycled Ecopak EPX200 fabric.

Gpacks Ditty Pouch

Excellent little pouch with a zipper made from quality backpack fabric. The fabric used is recycled Ecopac EPX200 fabric. This is perfect as a hiking wallet or for storing other small gear while hiking. It’s great for storing small items so they don’t roll around in your backpack.

The Gpacks Ditty Pouch is also excellent for keeping items organized while traveling. Use it to store items like travel tickets, passport, and other essentials.


Medium: 11 x 17 cm

Large: 15 x 20 cm

Handcrafted in Italy.


Medium, Large


Tropical, Yellow, Orange, Military Green


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