Sea to Summit Ground Control Tent Peg


Weight: 14 g

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Sea to Summit Ground Control is a sturdy Y-shape tent peg that is used e.g. on the windy side of a tarp, or the four key cornerpoints. Ground Control pegs have useful details that we like. We think these are the best Y-shaped tent pegs currently on the market.

Ground Control peg material has been updated: new 7075-T6 aluminium is ultra sturdy and durable.

Sea to Summit Ground Control Tent Peg

A sturdy Y-shaped tent peg for places where you need a good holding power. Ample length of 20 cm and Y-shaped profile make these pegs bomber. Usually hikers use two of these in the key corners or on the windy side of the tarp, and titanium hook pegs for the other, no so critical, points.

Made from anodized 7075-T6 alloy, they offer great strength for their weight. The three-sided design is extremely strong and offers great holding power in soft or hard ground. In hard ground, where you might not be able to push the peg in full depth, you can utilize the multi-height guy points to minimize leverage on the peg. Each peg also comes with a reflective cord and luminescent pull tab to help you extract the peg when you break camp. Bright blue color makes the pegs highly visible against the natural colors of forest floor.


Length: 20 cm

Weight: 14 g

Sold as single peg (1 pcs). Most customers buy 2-4 these for key anchor points.

Weight 14 g


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