Granite Gear Hiker Wallet


Weight: 12 g

Are you tired of your hiker buddies’ snickering about your ziploc wallet at the trailhead? Granite Gear’s Hiker Wallet solves this problem and outperforms disposable ziplocs. While hiking you don’t need most of the daily contents of your wallet, just a credit card, ID card, some cash and possible other crucial personal things. All these fit inside the Hiker Wallet with style!

Hiker Wallet by Granite Gear holds your bare necessities such as ID, credit card and cash while hiking. The wallet is small as intended and ultralight. The design is purposefully snug, so your cards won’t fall out even if the zipper accidentally opens. Hiker Wallet is made of light but durable woven fabric. There’s an ample tab in the zipper for easy opening and a loop for a mini carabiner (the carabiner is not included).

Weight 12 g

Orange, Blueberry, Lemon Lime