Deuce Dirtsaw #2 Ultralight Towel


The Deuce Dirtsaw Trowel may seem like a curiosity at first glance but is in fact a very essential piece of gear for every hiker. The trowel is designed for digging catholes so that you can depose your poop in a hygienic manner. As the popularity of hiking increases and national parks have more visitors than ever before it’s important to make sure your waste doesn’t cause problems.

The Deuce Dirtsaw #2 by The Tent Lab weighs only 17 grams so you can pack it in your backpack without destroying your base weight. Try pairing The Deuce Dirtsaw with CuloClean’s Portable Bidet to poop like a pro in the backcountry!

Deuce Dirtsaw #2 Ultralight Towel

Every hiker must take appropriate care of disposing their waste. There are no privies available in the backcountry except for specific wilderness huts so a proper cathole is needed. The Deuce Dirtsaw Ultralight Trowel by The Tent Lab provides a lightweight solution for digging a cathole that is actually deep enough to properly bury your secrets. Digging a hole by hand or with a stick, rock or trekking poles is just not going to happen unless the soil is exceptionally soft.

How to use The Deuce Dirtsaw UL Trowel and some additional tips:

  • A cathole should be at least 15 cm deep, preferably closer to 20 cm and it should adequately far from any water sources
  • If your metabolism kicks in in the morning it’s a good routine to dig the hole the evening before as a part of your camp chores
  • Use The Deuce Dirtsaw upside down first to probe for rocks and roots and to outline the cathole
  • With the scoop end pry up the outlined center of the cathole
  • Always lever and scoop against the bottom U shaped spine (the side with the logo) otherwise you may damage the trowel
  • You can use The Deuce Dirtsaw as a makeshift faucet by sticking it into a shallow stream and easily fill your bottle along the resulting pipe
    • The trowel doesn’t get into contact with your poop so there is no risk of contamination

After you’ve taken care of business it’s a good idea to wash your hands with a bio-degradable soap like Sea to Summit Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash.

Technical details:

  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Length: 17,3 cm
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminum

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