Farlite Mini Jars 4 pcs


Weight: 25 g

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Small and light jars for ointments and everything else. Contains 4 mini jars sized 15 ml, 10 ml, 5 ml and 3 ml. These are perfect for storing e.g. sunscreen, vaseline, zinc ointment and cosmetics. Many other purposes and ultralight weight!


Farlite Mini Jars 4 pcs

Includes 4 small jars with a twist lid. Perfect for ointments, salves and small items. These weigh next to nothing. Repacking to smaller containers is one of the core principles of ultralight backpacking, and these help you to do it in a perfect way.

Survival trick: fill one of these with vaseline, and pack also a tampon. By mixing cotton from the tampon with vaseline, you will get an excellent emergency firestarter. In addition, you will have vaseline for chafing and a spare tampon in case someone needs it.


Sizes and weight:

15 ml : 9 g

10 ml: 7 g

5 ml : 5 g

3 ml: 4 g

Total: 25 g

Material: PS



Weight 25 g

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