Evernew Ti SOLO Pot NH


Weight: 76 g

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The Evernew Ti SOLO Pot NH is an ultralight pot that slips easily into a pot cozy thanks to its no handles design. What makes the SOLO Pot special is its silicone ring, allowing you to lift the pot without needing pot grippers despite the lack of handles.

This pot boasts a superb design, making it easy to eat from and perfect for enjoying a good cup of tea in the great outdoors. Drinking a hot beverage from the SOLO Pot warms your hands just right!

Evernew Ti SOLO Pot NH

Introducing the world’s first pot with a fire-resistant silicone ring. This deep pot can hold a 110-gram gas canister and a gas stove, making it an attractive and compact package. Easy to handle and perfect for pouring hot water, this pot is especially great for pot cozy users as the handles are not in the way.

It also works well as a secondary pot for hot drinks: thanks to the silicone ring, the pot won’t burn your fingers, but you can still warm your hands.

Size: Diameter 97 x Depth 100 mm

Capacity: 550 ml (with measurement scale)

Weight: 76 g (including silicone band)

Material: Titanium

Manufactured in: JAPAN

Weight 76 g


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