Toaks Titanium 1600 ml Pot with Pan


Weight: 231 g

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Eggs and bacon! With this pot, you can both cook and fry. Toaks 1600 ml is a good-sized pot with a frying pan. The pan works as the pot lid.

An excellent choice for a fisherman, as you can fit in chunks of fish to create that nice broth for soup. When tired of fish soup, you can use the pan for frying the catch. Made from durable titanium.

Toaks Titanium 1600 ml Pot with Pan

A pot with a pan lid from Toaks. A light choice for camp cooking for a family, who would like to have a pot of oatmeal and an omelet for breakfast. Works well in winter camping and for other high volume cooking needs..

  • Weight: 231 g
  • Volume: 1600 ml (1750 ml to the top of the rim)
  • Pan: 490 ml


Pot: 145mm (Diam.) x 106mm (H)

Pan: 142mm (Diam) x 31mm (H)

Weight 231 g
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