Farlite Cold Soak Container


Weight: 50 g

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Farlite Cold Soak Container is a small vessel for rehydrating dried foods or hydrating cold soak recipes (e.g. couscous, noodle salad, oats). It works well also as a shaker for protein and meal powders.

We tested multiple options when selecting the right cold soak container. This was selected as the best, as it is light and wide enough to fit in your hand for easy cleaning.

This container is a top choice for people drying their own trail foods. It is also excellent for cold soaking while on trail.

Farlite Cold Soak Container

Cold soak containers now available in Europe! A great container for hydrating cold soaked meals. A great shape: your hand fits in for cleaning, but when eating you can hold it in one hand. Tight seal, made from food grade PET-plastic.

A medium vessel with a lid has surprisingly many uses on a hiking trip. You can use the Farlite Cold Soak Container as a:

  • Vessel for rehydrating dried foods
  • Vessel for hydrating cold soak recipes
  • Shaker
  • Food bowl
  • Cup
  • Container

Material: Food grade PET plastic

Volume: 500 ml

Why cold soak? The popularity of cold soaking on trail is based on weight savings and no-hassle food preparation and eating. When leaving your stove, pot and fuel at home, a significant amount of weight is saved. You don’t also have to worry if the fuel is going to run out. Cold soak recipes are especially popular on fastpacking and ultralight trips where weight is reduced to a minimum. You can find several cold soak recipes by searching online. Augment them with dried bread and cold cuts, cheese, tortillas and nachos.

Weight: vessel 39 g, lid 11 g, total 50 g

Measurements: bottom diameter 9 cm, height 9.5 cm

Weight 50 g

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