Farlite dropper bottles 4 pcs


Weight: 38 g

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A dropper bottle is an excellent way to carry small amounts of liquids on a hike. The set includes four bottles from 5 ml to 100 ml. The bottles have a dropper nose, so measuring liquids is precise and nothing is wasted. Included in the set is a small funnel for easy filling of the bottles. Leakproof caps.

Farlite dropper bottles 4 pcs

Handy small dropper bottles for hiking. Save weight, repack your liquids in smaller bottles! These leakproof bottles are compact and precise, so you don’t waste anything.

The set includes four bottles:

5 ml: 5 g

10 ml: 6 g

50 ml: 12 g

100 ml: 15 g

Total: 38 g

Included: A small funnel to fill the bottles (weight 1 g)


  1. Fill the bottle using the funnel.
  2. Put on the drip nose.
  3. Screw on the white cap. Do not remove the transparent inner part of the cap.
  4. The bottle opens when you press slightly while turning the cap. This child safety feature might come in handy if you happen to leave e.g. stove fuel somewhere where kids could have access to it.

Material: LDPE

Weight 38 g