Leukotape P Blister Tape


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There are differences in sports tapes, and as a blister tape for hikers, Leukotape P is the unrivaled king.

Leukotape P was originally developed for patellar support taping, which requires an extremely strong and non-elastic tape. These same qualities make Leukotape P the best blister tape for hikers’ feet. Leukotape P can withstand friction and moisture, while many other tapes have already come loose. It’s used for taping budding blisters and hotspots, as well as for preventative blister taping.

Blister tape is one piece of gear where opting for a cheap alternative isn’t advisable. Instead, choose a quality product. Leukotape P is the best tape for this purpose, and a single roll will last for many years. This tape stays in excellent condition for a very long time.

If you don’t believe us, Leukotape P is also recommended by e.g. Andrew Skurka, Jupiter, and Sectionhiker as the best blister tape. These gentlemen know what they are talking about.

Leukotape P Blister Tape

Leukotape P is a sports tape that’s perfect for a hiker’s blister tape. Its zinc oxide adhesive sticks extremely well, and the tape stays in place for a long time. It’s used for blister taping on the feet, and as a sports tape in the first aid kit. As a first aid tape, Leukotape P is rigid, providing strong support, making it ideal for effectively stabilizing a stressed joint.

Leukotape P stays put for an extended period, unlike cheap tapes that come off after just a 15-minute walk. Leukotape P outperforms even duct tape by a landslide.

Width and length: 3.8 cm x 13.7 m

  • Made from rayon fabric
  • Zinc oxide adhesive

Our Tips:

  • Use Leukotape P as soon as you notice a blister starting to form on your foot. The earlier you tape, the more effective the prevention. Round the corners of the tape piece and apply it firmly.
  • If a blister has already formed, place a pad or a bandage on top of it and tape over it. This way, when you remove the tape, it won’t tear the blister open.
  • We use Leukotape P preventively, especially with tough footwear like hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and climbing shoes. Preventive taping is often a wise choice with new shoes as well because you’ll only lose a small piece of tape, but you can gain a lot by preventing a painful blister.
  • It’s a good idea to do preventive taping the night before the hike, allowing the tape to adhere overnight undisturbed.
  • Cut ready-to-use pieces of Leukotape P for your hiking first aid kit. Round the corners and attach the tape to parchment paper.

Contains latex.

Weight 110 g

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