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Nylofume has become the standard of ultralight pack liners. Nylofume bags are waterproof an very light. They are made of durable nylon polymer instead of regular polyethylene, which makes them quite strong for the weight. The bag is clear, so you can easily see inside. The size of the bag is just right for typical backpacking gear, and you can easily fit in your quilt, down jacket and other moisture sensitive gear.

This product includes three Nylofume bags (3-pack).

Nylofume bag is an ultralight backpack liner made of durable nylon polymer. They are originally used to protect foodstuffs from pest fumigations, so the bags are food safe and form an odor barrier. This is useful when keeping food from mice as well as keeping the food odor away from sleeping gear in bear country. You can also use Nylofume bags as durable food bags, and will not run out of space.

Tips for use:

  • Close the bag with a sealing clip. A short sealing clip is enough. Alternatively, you can use a rubber band.  You can also just twist the mouth of the bag and set it under your food bag, but this way the bag is not fully waterproof when falling over during river fording.
  • The bags are quite durable, but when stuffing it hard, make sure to hold both the backpack and the Nylofume bag to prevent fingers from puncturing the mouth of the bag.


51 liters, 20 x 30 x 84 cm, of which usable space roughly 40 liters with a sealing clip or rubber band. Non-gusseted bottom.

The size is great for the majority of backpacks, and it is not easy to fill the bag. If the bag feels too large, you can trim it down with scissors.

Weight 26 g

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  1. Liis Filipe (verified owner)

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    Much more durable than what I thought from reading online. Wished I ordered a couple more for stocking for future trips

  3. Camilla G. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery! Excellent products!

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    What I wanted delivered on time.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Tobias Lipp (verified owner)

  8. Jan Janiczek (verified owner)

    Thankfully did not need to fully test the waterproofness (though it obviously is very waterproof), but I did test the tear resistance repeatedly taking out and squeezing back in things during a week on Kungsleden. The result exceeded expectations – no tears, only one visible but slight stretch mark.

  9. Håkan (verified owner)

  10. Eugene (verified owner)

    Hard to get these pack liners Good to see them available

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