FarPointe Alpha Direct Camp Pants


Weight: 119 g

Ultralight yet warm pants for the camp! Great pants to switch on for your camp activities. Gives fuzzy warmth for your legs inside the sleeping bag.

Farpointe’s Camp Pants are a new breed of camp pants, made from the Alpha Direct material, known for its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. These pants weigh as much as long underwear but provide significantly more warmth.

For upper body you can always layer a lightweight down jacket for added warmth in your sleeping bag, but finding warm but light legwear is often a more puzzling challenge. Farpointe Camp Pants are great solution for cold nights.

Farpointe Camp Pants also function as breathable and warm mid-layer pants for winter hiking.

Weighing only 119 g (size M)!

Farpointe Alpha Direct Camp Pants

Trendy Polartec Alpha Direct is now available in the form of pants. Farpointe Alpha Direct Camp Pants are currently among the most popular camp pants. Why is it important to pay attention to pants worn mostly during sleep? Because you carry them in your backpack all day, and their warmth in the sleeping bag is crucial for overall comfort. Often, your legs are the first to get cold, as you can put on a lightweight down jacket to warm your upper body. Farpointe Camp Pants offer generous warmth for your lower body in an ultralight package!

These pants are made from the coveted Alpha Direct fabric, which is highly compressible, lightweight, warm, and quick-drying. They also work well as mid-layer pants for winter hiking, as they provide warmth, breathability, and efficient moisture management.

The pants feature an elastic waistband and a gusseted crotch, increasing their mobility.

Material: 90 gsm Polartec Alpha Direct

Unisex product.


Small 26-30″ waist / 30″ inseam

Medium 30-34″ waist / 31″ inseam

Large 34-38″ waist / 32″ inseam

XL 38-42″ waist / 32″ inseam

Sizing example: With a 34-inch waist, the Medium size fits like thermals, and the Large size fits like joggers.

Our comments: If you haven’t tried warm camp pants yet, we recommend giving them a go, as they make a significant difference in comfort, especially on cold nights. In our opinion, it’s best to choose a more relaxed size, as this allows for an additional insulating air layer underneath. Larger pants also look more presentable, especially for men, when hanging around in a crowded hut or campsite.

Please note: The Alpha Direct fabric has an open, mesh-like, and fuzzy weave. For this reason, it’s not recommended to wear the pants as an outer layer when bushwhacking, as branches are sure to snag on them. When hiking, it’s a good idea to wear outer pants over these.

Weight 119 g



Small, Medium, Large, XL


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