Johan & Nyström One Cup Drip Kit


Weight: 11 g

Authentic, high-quality drip coffee in a convenient ready-to-use package! Fantastic!

Swedish brand Johan & Nyström has introduced an excellent and user-friendly solution for brewing coffee on outdoor adventures, perfectly fitting into the backpack of a packweight conscious hiker. The amount of individually packaged servings can be easily adjusted based on trip length. Choose from three different coffee styles. The product includes one individually packed Drip Kit serving.

For many, coffee is one of the highlights of a wilderness morning, but the taste of instant coffee leaves something to be desired, and carrying a separate coffee pot is not always feasible when aiming at a light pack weight. Johan & Nyström’s One Cup Drip Kit solves this with a cleverly compact ready-made solution. High-quality 100% Arabica coffee is pre-packaged in a filter that attaches to a mug without the need for additional accessories. So, you don’t need any extra gear for brewing premium coffee, just bring the Drip Kit along with your regular cooking kit. Choose your preferred wilderness morning luxury from three different coffee styles.

Fika: A balanced coffee blend suitable for Nordic coffee taste, with notes of nuttiness and chocolate.

Bold Statement: Natural-processed coffee with a balanced profile highlighting chocolate, hazelnut, and cherry notes.

Bourbon Jungle: The darkest roast option. A slightly smoky coffee with a long aftertaste, offering a pleasantly strong, bittersweet aroma.

Here’s how to prepare one of your best cups of coffee in four easy steps:

  1. Open the package and take out the filter with the coffee.
  2. Open the filter along the perforation at the top and spread the wings onto the edges of your camping mug.
  3. Pour hot water into the filter just over halfway and let the coffee drip for a moment. Repeat this three times.
  4. Carefully remove the filter from the cup and enjoy your coffee!

Remember to dispose of the used filter properly by either packing it out with your other waste or burning it in a campfire. Leave No Trace!

One Cup Drip Kit contains 11g of pre-ground coffee. You won’t need any other equipment!

Weight 11 g

Fika, Bold Statement, Bourbon Jungle


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