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Weight: 46 g

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Without, caffeine pills, instant coffee, authentic brewed coffee. These are the methods of caffeine intake for a hiker in an ascending order of enjoyment. SOTO Helix Coffee Maker delivers a compact, lightweight and hassle-free way to brew tasty pour over coffee in the backcountry. With its clever collapsible structure and light weight it’s a must have in your kit if you appreciate a cup of good coffee in the wilderness. And who doesn’t!

SOTO Helix Coffee Maker uses #2 sized cone shaped filters that are included in the package. They will run out eventually of course so we recommend topping up with Hario’s V60 02 or 01 cone filters that are widely available in different online shops. You can also fold a standard super market coffee filter so that it fits the Helix.

To brew coffee with the Helix Coffee Maker you will need filters, a way to heat water, a pot, a mug and of course your favourite coffee variety suitable for pour over brewing. First you’ll need to heat up some water in a pot. It’s a good idea to heat up a bit more water than needed so that you can pour some through the filter placed in the Helix into the mug in order to pre-moisten the filter and warm the mug. Next put your ground coffee in the filter and place the Helix firmly on your mug. Pour hot water in two or three pours and let the brewing process work its magic. After you’ve enjoyed your tasty brew remember to pack up the coffee grounds. They are not meant to be scattered in the wilderness. Leave No Trace principle applies here too.

SOTO Helix Coffee Maker is good for one to two people. The package also includes 10 coffee filters and a nylon mesh carry case.

Technical details:

  • Weight: 46 g
  • Dimensions: 135 mm x 120 mm (carry case)
  • Materials: stainless steel, nylon (carry case)
Weight 46 g

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  1. Darius (verified owner)

    At first I thought it won’t hold water on a filter, but turned out it works perfectly. Super awesome addition to my bikepacking kit. Thanks Farlite team for mega fast delivery!

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