Kaira Arctic


Weight: 265 g

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Ultralight does not have to be expensive! Kaira Arctic is a foldable sleeping pad that has just the right amount of insulation for summer and early autumn hikes, with a very low weight of 265 grams. Light foam pad works also in fastpacking as it often attached outside the backpack, and thus does not take space inside the small running packs. Alternatively, you can use it to cushion and create rigidty in an ultralight backpack.

Kaira Arctic

Kaira Arctic is a foldable closed cell foam sleeping back. Easy to open and pack even for small breaks. Includes elastic straps. A good sized 3-season sleeping pad for spring, summer and autumn use. Air pockets insulate effectively, and the pad blocks out moisture and cold. Compact size and ultralight weight. You can also use this next to a campfire, which is more risky with an inflatable pad. Kaira Arctic works also well in winter to boost the warmth of your second sleeping bag.

Use tips: You can use the pad folded in two for extra warmth. Place the double pad under your torso. Place your backpack under the legs and pillow under your head. You can put clothes between the pad, so they are warmer in the morning when putting them back on. You can use scissors to modify the pad if you think it is too long or wide.

Size: 52 x 185 cm, thickness 10 mm. Folded: 52 x 15 x 13cm.

Our estimate of the R-value: 1.5-1.75




Weight 265 g


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