Kaira Extreme sleeping pad 3 mm


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Kaira Extreme is a thin 3 mm (1/8″) foam sleeping pad that has many uses. You can boost your inflatable R-value in cold temperatures, but you can also use it as a large sit pad that allows to stretch your legs. Popular also as by-the-campfire extra pad. This pad material is also used for making ultralight sitpads and pot cozies. It can also cushion your back from sharp objects in your ultralight backpack.

You can also use it to make bottle sleeves for freezing weather,or an emergency rain skirt that doubles as a sit pad / slouch pad.

There are of course rumors that some ultralight hikers use these as the only sleeping pad. We prefer something more luxurious for our princess sleep, but it can be possible, if you are super ultralight, ascetic, crazy ultrarunner or renounce from worldly comforts for some other philosphical reason. Before considering this, take a ruler and have a look at how thick 3 mm really is.


Kaira Extreme sleeping pad 3 mm

Kaira Extreme is a thin closed cell foam pad for many uses. It is not too expensive, so you can cut it for pot cozies and other projects. Many have two of these: one for projects, and one full-length.

Aluminized closed cell foam pad that packs small. Use for example to boost inflatable sleeping pad warmth, or by itself on warm summer nights. Very light dual layer material, where thin aluminum layer works as an additional barrier for cold and moisture.

Made in Finland

Size 55 cm x 190 cm, thickness 3 mm, weight 140 g

R-value approximately 0,5-0,75.

Weight 140 g


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