Nitecore NPP40 Sacoche Bag


Weight: 45 g

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Nitecore NPP40 is a handy and light modular sacoche bag for the smaller pieces in your hiking kit.

The Japanese-style sacoche bag works well with a backpack when carried next to the ribcage. Pulling from the cords raises the bag to keep it snug when walking. You can loosen the cords to lower the bag for easy access. It is easy to unclip the bag entirely without taking off your backpack.

A backpack is an essential piece of hiking gear but sometimes a small, light and modular additional bag can make a difference. Let’s say you carry light fly fishing gear with you on your hike and come across a spectacular looking pool. When your flies and other small stuff are already packed in Nitecore NPP40 sacoche bag you can drop your backpack and concentrate on fishing. The bag is also handy around camp if you pack your camp essentials in it such as your phone for photos, lighter, headlamp and hygiene kit.

During colder months a sacoche bag can be loaded with your electronics and carried close to your body under your top layer of clothes keeping electronics warm and functioning. Nitecore NPP40 is also a good snack bag that can be easily reached while walking to keep you energized.

  • Weight 45 g
  • Durable 500 denier polyester fabric with waterproof coating
  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 13 cm

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Weight 45 g

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