Evernew Carbon Felt A4


Weight: 9 g

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Introducing an ingenious new product from Evernew: the large, fire-resistant carbon felt. This heatproof and flame-resistant mat is designed to be placed under wood stoves, protecting the ground from falling hot embers. It can also double as a oven mitt and pot holder for hot pots, and you can cut pieces from it to use in homemade alcohol stoves. When packed, the carbon fiber mat serves as padding between pots or stove components.

Evernew Carbon Felt A4

Nonflammable sheet made of carbon fiber that is felted. It can be easily cut with scissors and fixed with staples. This A4-sized fire-resistant carbon fiber mat has multiple uses.You will be surprised at its functionality even if you just cut it into the size of a business card and put it in your usual cooker set.

Craft your own alcohol stoves from the carbon fiber mat. Use it when handling hot pots. Place the mat under a wood stove to protect the ground from falling embers, as it is non-flammable.

In alcohol stoves, the carbon fiber mat absorbs the alcohol, burning it evenly and preventing spills if the stove tips over.


  • Fireproof base for wood stoves
  • Absorbent mat for homemade alcohol stoves
  • Useful when handling hot pots and protecting table surfaces in cabins (or tent floor)
  • Padding between pots


  • Weight: 8 g
  • Size: 29 x 21 cm
  • Can be cut with scissors!
Weight 9 g