X-Fire 14 UL


Weight: 115 g

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Introducing the X-Fire 14 UL, an ultralight and practical wood stove that defies the typical limitations of smaller wood stoves. While most ultralight models fall short in size for practical cooking, the X-Fire 14 UL offers a substantial burn volume and genuine functionality. Weighing just 115 grams, it’s exceptionally light, making boiling water significantly faster than using a campfire.

Utilizing the renowned X-Boil alcohol stove mechanism, this wood stove is both functional and user-friendly. Assembly is effortless compared to square-shaped wood stoves, and the stove boasts an impressive volume-to-weight ratio.

Additionally, the X-Fire 14 UL is compatible with a separately available alcohol burner, providing flexibility for rainy weather conditions. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or embarking on outdoor adventures, the X-Fire 14 UL is your dependable companion for efficient cooking on the go.

X-Fire 14 UL

The X-Fire 14 UL is an ultralight and efficient wood stove designed to excel in weight-to-volume ratio and ease of use. With its spacious design, this wood stove outperforms its peers by offering more combustion space, resulting in faster boiling times and reduced risk of extinguishing by accident. The X-Fire 14 UL efficiently concentrates flames and radiant heat to the bottom of your pot, making it significantly quicker than a traditional campfire while keeping the pot handle cooler.

Constructed from a steel cylinder, base, and two spikes, the X-Fire 14 UL is easy to assemble and packs down into a compact size for convenient storage. The base keeps the burning material off the ground, acting as a grate to improve airflow, while the spikes support your pot securely.

Included with this stove comes handy and compact case, weighing just 20 grams, allowing you to pack it away neatly.

Manufactured in Germany, the X-Fire 14 UL is the result of meticulous design and engineering.


  • Diameter: 14 cm
  • Height: 19 cm
  • Packed Size: Ø5x20cm

Note: This stove is not insulated from the ground. Use an aluminum pie dish or similar to insulate the stove from the ground. Always use the stove in compliance with local regulations and avoid using it during forest fire warnings.

Weight 115 g


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