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The Japanese SOTO WindMaster stove delivers performance in windy and gusty weather with its convex burner head and raised edges around it. Performance is boosted by the modular 4Flex pot support which places the pot low and close to the burner head further mitigating the effects of wind. Modularity also helps the weight conscious backpacker because you can replace the 4Flex with a lighter and separately sold TriFlex, shaving off 20 grams in the process.

WindMaster comes with an integrated piezo lighter saving you the trouble to operate a lighter at the end of a long day on the trail. You can even leave your lighter behind if its sole purpose is to light up your stove. WindMaster’s simmering abilities are excellent so if you are looking to fry that grayling you just caught, this stove is for you.

What sets WindMaster apart from regular compact upright canister stoves is its Micro Regulator System. This system results in a steady flow of gas from the canister to the burner head. So even if the canister is getting empty or may have chilled while you were asleep, the flow stays steady.

If you’re still not convinced check out Outdoor Gearlab’s review.

Weight: 87 g w/ 4Flex, w/o 4Flex 60 g, w/ optional TriFlex 67 g

Output: 2800 kcal/h / 3260 W / 11000 BTU
Duration: Burns approx.1.5 hours with a 250 g canister
Dimensions of the 4Flex (stowed): 47 mm  x 77 mm  x 44 mm
Width of the Burner Head: 50 mm
Height of the Stove: 88 mm

Weight 87 g

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