BRS 3000T


Weight: 25 g

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BRS 3000T is the lightest gas stove in the world. It is made mainly of titanium, which explains the light weight. BRS 3000T is a good choice when you are trying to shed the final gram. For example Soto stoves beat BRS with their wind performance and efficiency, but when it comes to weight, the BRS 3000T is unbeatable.

BRS 3000T

BRS 3000T is the lightest gas stove in the world, made by the Chinese BRS. It fits normal gas cartridges. Due to its small size and weight, it is highly packable, and some people even carry a second one as a backup.

Material of legs and main stove: Titanium

Weight: 25 g

Size open: 85 x 68.5mm
Size closed: 37 x 52mm

Tips for use: BRS 3000T is an ultralight piece of equipment, and will not take rough use. With normal care, it will last perfectly fine, and our own stove is still in use after many years of use. If you want to take care of your stove, follow these instructions:

  • Do not screw on the cartridge with force. The threads are made of brass, and misthreading can ruin them.
  • The legs of the stove are the most delicate part. Do not put anything too heavy on the stove, just normal camping food pots.
  • Cooking with BRS 3000T for extended periods can soften the legs to the point of collapse. Do not use this e.g. for boiling potatoes on a high heat for a long time. For normal camp foods this is not a problem, even if you need to simmer for a while.
Weight 25 g

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