Evernew Ti Mug Pot 900


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World’s lightest 900 ml cooking pot!

Evernew Ti Mug Pot 900 ml is challenging the popular Evernew Ti U.L. 900 pot as the best camp cooking pot in the market. This is the lightest of the lightest. The small weight has been achieved with special thin titanium, smaller handles and lid. Evernew Ti Mug Pot 900 ml is the top choice for hikers who are satisfied with only the best.

Only Evernew is able to manufacture pots from superthin 0,3 mm titanium. This makes the pot fantastically light. Holding it the first time puts a smile on your face – the pot feels light as a paper plane! But make no mistake, this is a strong and durable pot made from hard titanium.

You can fit inside a 230 gram gas canister.

This pot is the best companion with Evernew DX Stove, as the Mug Pot bottom grooves fit perfectly the DX stove.

Evernew Ti Mug Pot 900

Evernew Ti Mug Pot 900 is an ultralight one person pot. It is specifically designed for ultralight hiking. Everenew pots are made from thinner titanium than other manufacturers, which makes them 20% lighter than a typical titanium pot of the same size. The pots are nevertheless durable and strong. Wide form is stable on camping stoves and slides easily in a backpack. The pots are made from hand pressed titanium by Japanese craftsmen. The form and design are impeccable.

Pot handles are raised high, so they don’t catch heat. The lid fits perfectly. You can use the pot also as mug to chug down a pintful of morning coffee. The pour lip helps when draining pasta.

You can fit in a 230 gram gas canister.

Model: ECA539 – replaces ECA267R model

  • Material: 0,3 mm titanium
  • Includes stuff sack
  • Size: 11,9 x 9,9 cm
  • Weight: 99 g


Weight 99 g


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