TOAKS LIGHT 550 ml Titanium Pot


Weight: 72 g

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TOAKS LIGHT 550 ml titanium pot is an optimal solution for a solo hiker wanting to minimize weight and volume of cookware. The pot is made out of uncoated titanium in 0,3 mm thickness enabling the super low weight of 72 grams while still sturdy enough for a lifetime of use.

If your warm meals consist of freeze dried meals, instant mashed potatoes or couscous with toppings, oatmeal and hot beverages then TOAKS LIGHT 550 ml pot is a solid choice. Volume markings on the side (ml and oz) make measuring water easy. For more substantial cooking a bigger pot is needed though.

The small volume of the 550 ml pot is handy when packing your pack. The pot fits nicely in most modern backpacks’ side pocket and is easy to access when you want to start preparing a warm meal. A 110 g fuel canister can be nested inside the pot.

  • Weight: 54 grams without the lid, with the lid 72 grams
  • Material: Titanium (no coating)
  • Capacity: 550 ml
  • Dimensions: External 95 mm (diameter) x 80 mm (height)
Weight 72 g

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