Fällkniven DF24 diamond sharpener


Weight: 24 g

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Most sharpening stones are too heavy for hikes. Fällkniven DF24 is one of the few out there that will find its way even in an ultralight backpacks. It has a smart design with no heavy parts. The diamond sharpener is attached to a Zytel handle securely.

DF24 is at its best when using knife for carving feathersticks and batoning wood. It is great for burr removal and light sharpening in field conditions. With a sharp knife, you get beautiful and effective feathersticks throughout your hike. When carrying a DF24 sharpener, you won’t hesitate using your knife to baton wood – something that dulls the knife edge easily. With the DF24, burr removal and sharpening is convenient and efficient. It is so light that there is no second guessing if you should carry it or not.

Very light and practical sharpener that is excellent in sharpening knives, fish hooks and axes when out in the backcountry. Diamond matrix of DF24 sharpens with ease, and water is not needed which makes it practical also in winter conditions. The diamonds are held in place in the matrix by a layer of titanium aluminum nitride which greatly extends the life of the sharpening stone.

Diamond grit 25 microns (= 800 grit) is a good choice: it will hone a sharp edge, but the sharpening process is not unnecessary long.

Use tips: At first, the diamond stone is a little rough but after a short break-in period, it delivers a very smooth and sharp edge, good enough for almost all purposes. Use with a circular motion on both sides of the blade. Keep the sharpening angle constant. if you think the DF24 feels soft, wash it off with warm water and some detergent.

Additional tips: You can use DF24 before carving or when relaxing after a hiking day. It works best in situations where blade edge has been good on the first days, but it is getting progressively duller and carving feathersticks gets choppy. This dullness is usually caused by burr formation especially with soft stainless steel knives that many of us carry when hiking. DF24 removes the burr and hones the blade. This will bring back the sharpness even for blades with poor edge retention.

Measurements: 5 x 20 x 150 mm, length of the diamond whetstone is 61 mm.


Weight 24 g


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