Opinel Saw No. 12


Weight: 110 g

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Opinel Saw No. 12 is the lightest folding saw on the market. Due to its light weight, Opinel Saw No. 12 is the perfect choice for those who are on the fence about bringing a saw along. With Opinel Saw No. 12, you don’t have to ponder anymore, as it’s lighter than most full-sized knives.

This compact tool is a handy solution for cutting branches for campfire and an unbeatable companion for those using a lightweight wood stove.

Opinel Saw No. 12

Opinel’s ultra-light saw is perfect for cutting branches for campfire and preparing fuel for a wood stove. With this, you can easily create small fires or cut a bundle of appropriately sized material for a light wood stove. Its lightweight design also serves as an excellent emergency backup when you’re unsure whether to bring a saw along.

The blade length is not overly short; instead, it strikes a functional compromise between lightness and usability. The blade is made of high-quality Sandvik 12C27 steel, known for its sharpness that rivals Japanese peers. The handle of the saw is crafted from beech wood and its design works well also for larger hands.

Opinel Saw No. 12 is the perfect companion for making cooking fires in outdoor conditions. Bushcraft enthusiasts appreciate this saw for its ability to quickly shape wood, whether carving a spoon or making notches.

In challenging situations, this saw can with persistence cut through even thin trunks, allowing you to access the dry heartwood. Combining Opinel Saw No. 12 with a knife is a smart choice to increase your survivability in challenging conditions without the added weight of a full-sized saw and axe.

Blade length: 12 cm

Weight 110 g


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