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Is there something better than slicing some Camembert cheese on your trail baguette with an Opinel knife? Sometimes all you need is a small folder. Opinel No 7 is a popular choice for an ultralight knife. It is useful when opening food packages, spreading butter and fixing up things. You can also use it to make a fire, although you maybe won’t achieve those masterful feathersticks. In Nordic forests you can often find birch bark for firemaking, which makes lighting a fire less complicated.

Number seven is the best Opinel knife for backpacking, as the handle fills the hand quite well. It remains ultralight. Number seven has a rotating blade lock that ensures safe use.

French Opinel has been crafting knives since 1890.

Opinel is a classic folding knife, and perfectly suitable hiking knife if the need for campfires is limited. It brings joy also on picnics, mushroom picking and camping trips. Opinel knives are beautiful and aesthetic.

The knife has 8 cm blade and Vibroloc blade locking mechanism. The handle is made from Beech and is nice to hold and light.

Weight: 36 grams

Stainless-version is made from stainless Inox-steel. It is easy to care in damp conditions.

Carbone-version is XC90 carbon steel. Carbon steel stays sharp and is easy to resharpen. Carbon steel can rust, so always wipe the blade with a dry cloth after use. You can oil the blade at home with a salt-free vegetable oil.

Weight 36 g


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