Northern Lite Rain Skirt


Weight: 60 g

Rain skirt is an excellent choice for both genders. Compared to pants, it is easy to put on and off without taking off your shoes. Especially in intermittent rain showers it works well, as it is not a hassle to take the skirt off. Rain skirts ventilate well and are not clammy like shell pants.

Northern Lite Rain Skirt is made out of durable but light silpoly. It is a continuous cylinder shape, so there is no side slit to let in rain on one side. The skirt design does not constrict movement. The skirt is ankle length or lower calf if you are taller. Because of its lenght, it protects well but does not hang up on the underbrush. The designers at Northern Lite are long distance hikers themselves.

Color: Green

Practical, ultralight and compact Northern Lite Rain Skirt works really well on hikes, but also in casual outdoor pursuits, due to its small pack size.

Often rain pants are left in the backpack in slight drizzle because of the trouble of taking off shoes. Then, when real rain starts, it is already too late. The heaviest item in your pack is the one you don’t use, and shell pants often end up as such.

Northern Lite Rain Skirt weighs mere 60 grams, and fits in your pocket when packed. It is hand made out of recycled silpoly. The skirt is tightened on your waist with a draw cord.

An excellent ventilation is one of the best features of Northern Lite Rain Skirt, and user comfort is much better than with shell pants. You can also use the skirt for warmth in cold windy conditions.

Made in EU.


Weight: 60 g

Hip circumference: 102 cm
Lenght: 84 cm
Hydrostatic head: 2000 mm
Fabric tear strength (EN ISO 13937-2): 31

Weight 60 g

Regular, Wide


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