Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Strap 12 mm x 300 mm 2-pack


Weight: 15 g

You often need straps to secure two poles together for pyramid tarps. These straps do the trick very well!

In addition, Stretch-Loc Straps are the best invention for your repair kit since duct tape! Ski touring guides for example swear by these. With just the right amount of strecth, these lock in place very securely. Use Stretch-Loc straps to fix shoes, boots, bindings, paddles and other.

Sea to Summit straps are special because of the Keeper Strap, which holds it in place for ease of use. With the Keeper Strap, it is easy to attach items such as water bottle or Pringles tube to the exterior of your backpack.

We carry the two narrow versions of Stretch-Loc Straps in our inventory. They are light enough for any repair kit.

Whether you’re perfecting your bikepacking rig or securing SUP paddles to roof racks, Stretch-Loc straps are an integral part of adventure preparation. For a strong hold, simply wrap the super tough TPU strap around whatever you’re fastening together and lock it in place with the easy-to-use non-slip buckle. Any excess strapping will lie flat against the loop, conveniently out of the way.

The included slimline Keeper Strap creates extra grip that further strengthens the hold—allowing you to lash difficult items together securely. It also provides padding between items prone to damage. For bikepackers, the Keeper Strap allows you to keep the strap in place on your frame when removing or attaching things like water bottles and dry bags.

The Stretch-Loc comes in a range of sizes and lengths. If you have a job that’s too big for a single strap, you can easily join multiple straps together to create a size that suits you.

12mm x 300mm: 15 g, 12mm x 450mm: 18 g

Two straps are included in the product.

Weight 15 g

Yellow, Black, Grey


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