Toaks Titanium 1100 ml Pot with Pan


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A great titanium camp kitchen for one person. Toaks Titanium 1100 ml Pot with Pan is a convenient and versatile cookpot with a pan lid. With the pan, you can fry omelettes, bacon and small fish bites.

A nice application for the pan is to boil some water for hot coffee while your oatmeal is sitting. Brewing a small cup of tea is also a great delight with the pan, and you can enjoy hot drinks while eating from the pot. If you desire, you can also leave other cups home and enjoy all hot drinks directly from the pan. Due to its wide shape, the beverages quickly cool from piping hot to enjoyable temperature.


Toaks Titanium 1100 ml Pot with Pan

A mid-sized titanium pot with a pan lid from Toaks. Great for one-person feasts, but works also for boiling water for two meal pouches. The pan lid adds versatilty a lot.

The pot fits a 200 gram gas canister.

  • Weight: 159 g
  • Volume: 1100 ml
  • Lid volume: approximately 285 ml


Pot:115mm (W) x 110 mm (H)

Pan: 110mm (W) x 30mm (H)

Our tips: Use plenty of oil for frying, and fry at a low temperature. Due to the thinness of titanium, the pan gets hot really fast. It is at its best when frying omelettes on low heat. Bacon works out as well. Low heat will get you there without burnt spots!

Weight 159 g


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