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Tyvek by DuPont is a water- and windproof but breathable house wrap. Because of these properties as well as being lightweight and durable it is widely used as a groundsheet for tarps and tents in backpacking. A groundsheet is pretty much mandatory piece of kit with a tarp but may come in handy when you want to protect your tent floor on a rough surface. In a typical scenario a groundsheet is not needed with a tent, a 20 or 15 denier nylon floor is durable enough by itself in most situations.

These groundsheets are made of Tyvek Soft fabric which is a bit more pliable than original hard paper like Tyvek so it is easier to fold and pack. We have cut these sheets with our own bare hands so there may be the tiniest variations in the length dimension. These do not affect usability in the slightest of course.

A groundsheet is an integral part of hiking with a tarp and occasionally needed with a tent when the ground is rocky or contains spiky vegetation. Tyvek by DuPont is an excellent and lightweight solution because of its waterproofness, abrasion and puncture resistance and breathability. In addition to groundsheet use it also excels as a protection against wet ground during lunch breaks.

The Tyvek Soft groundsheet fabric that we at Farlite offer is cut and packaged by ourselves. It provides plenty of real estate (150 cm x 215 cm) but for solo users Tyvek can be easily cut with scissors to suit your individual needs. We suggest you don’t throw the scraps in the trash but use them for instance as a lightweight doormat to your tent or tarp.

Technical details:

  • DuPont Tyvek Soft fabric
  • Dimensions 150 cm x 215 cm
  • Weight 192 grams
  • Weight per square meter 58 g/m2
  • Water pillar (EN 20811): 1,5 m


Weight 192 g

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