Aclima Woolnet Light Crewneck M’s


Weight: 112 g

We have used Aclima’s great Woolnet baselayers on winter trips for many years, and always thought that they would work great for hiking if they were just slightly lighter. Lo and behold, the new Woolnet Light is answering our call!

Woolnet Light might just be the best baselayer shirt there is on the market today. It is remarkably comfortable, and does not feel damp no matter how wet the conditions are. The breathability is of course excellent, and the fabric dries rapidly due to the mesh construction.

Despite the holes in the mesh structure, Woolnet Light gives a nice boost for warmth. But it never gets too hot, thanks to the open structure. What results is a baselayer that is at home in very wide range of circumstances, from hot uphills to chilly wind over the fells.

Aclima Woolnet Light Crewneck M’s

Woolnet Light continues the successful Woolnet product line of Aclima. Now lighter and softer than its predecessors, Aclima Woolnet Light is a merino wool mesh shirt that excels in wide range of conditions. You will forget wearing it, as it is never too hot or cold. Because the area next to skin is minimized in the mesh structure, the Woolnet Light feels dry in every situation.

Aclima is very skilled in making mesh clothing with a good balance between breathability and warmth. A mesh garment is warm, but sweat pushes through it quickly. Especially in the new Woolnet Light the balance between breathability, warmth and moisture management is so well though out, that it is difficult to find conditions where this shirt does not excel. Try wearing the shirt straight from the washing machine: you will notice that it is comfortable in just a few seconds.

Due to the long hem the shirt fits well and offers protection for the lower back. The seams are sown flat to eliminate chafing.

Most of us already know the odor-resistant properties of merino wool, but let’s recap: this shirt stays odor-free for a long time. With the Total Easy Care treatment, the Woolnet does not itch and shrinks very little in washes.

This undershirt works really well also for winter pursuits.

Washing: wash upside down, 40 C. Dry on a flat airy surface.  Remember to air the shirt after use. Wool is naturally antibacterial material. Öko-tex 100 certified. Does not contain harmful chemicals.

Material: 100% merino wool, 17,5 microns.

Seams: 96% Merino, 4% elastane

Fiber weight: Woolnet light 90 g/m2, Seams 250 g/m2

Weight 112 g (Size S)

Aclima products are made out of mulesing-free merino wool.

Weight 112 g



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