Seam Grip +WP 2x7g


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Seam Grip +WP is a glue for tents and apparel. Because of its lower viscosity, it can be used in seam sealing of tents. Seam Grip +WP is similar to Aquasure, but in a less viscous form.

Use Seam Grip +WP for leaking tent seams, frayed seam taping in clothes and leaking air mattresses. The product includes two useful 7 g tubes, so you always have a perfect amount in your repair kit.

Seam Grip +WP 2x7g

Seam Grip WP is a tent seam sealer that goes above and beyond to keep moisture out. A less viscous formulation is better for sealing seams and filling small holes. Patch holes in sleeping pads, tents, clothing and other equipment.

  • Durable – Tough urethane formula bonds permanently to tents, awnings, campers, and even PVC plastic
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping adventurers warm and dry
  • Flexible  Cures to a thin rubber seal that flexes with high performance gear
  • Abrasion Resistant  Make a repair that withstands scrapes and scratches
  • All-purpose – Bonds with all types of outdoor fabrics, including: nylon, vinyl, leather, and polyester
Choosing between Aquasure and Seam Grip +WP?
Choose Seam Grip +WP when you want to:
  • Seal the seams of a PU impregnated tent (note: for a tent impregnated with silicone on both sides, Seam Grip +SIL is a better adhesive).
  • Repair small spark holes in the tent or clothes
  • Patch loose seam tapes, for example in a shell jacket or dry bag
  • Repair small holes in shell jackets or dry bags
  • Patching pinholes in a sleeping mat
  • Gluing streaks to the bottom of a sleeping mat to prevent it from sliding
  • Gluing fabric patches
Aquasure is a better choice for:
  • Gluing shoe soles (Aquasure +SR is particularly good)
  • Waterproofing tears
  • Abrasion-resistant repairs
  • Patching packrafts
  • Other large repairs where a less runny adhesive is easier to work with.
Repairing holes is usually possible with both adhesives, but Seam Grip +WP is slightly better for small pinholes, and Aquasure is less runny for larger ones.
Tip: Seam sealing with this should be done from the inside of the tent. This is because many tents have a silicone coating on the outside, and a PU coating (to which this adhesive adheres best) on the outside.
Weight 14 g


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