Lawson Equipment Ironwire 2mm


Weight: 58 g

Lawson manufactures Ironwire to be your new favorite high strength low stretch accessory cord.  It is made using a Fusion of High Tenacity Polyester and Dyneema SK75. This hybrid construction takes advantage of both fibers strengths, resulting in a product that is extremely strong, low stretch, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, won’t freeze, knots and unknots really great, and has out of this world cut resistance.  And best of all, the ends will melt together because of the fused construction.

If NASA was sending Astronauts to the moon tomorrow, they would use this cord for their moonwalk.  It’s that good.  Ironwire can be used for any high strength low stretch accessory you can think of. Made in the USA, using the best materials on Earth!

Color: Grey

Length: 15,2 m

Lawson Equipment Ironwire 2mm

Lawson Equipment Ironwire is a robust guyline / accessory cord for tough use. The jacket is made from high tenacity polyester and core is Dyneema SK75. Because of the polyester/dyneema jacket the knots don’t slip like with pure Dyneema. The dyneema makes the cord super strong and cut resistant. Irowire resists tangles well.
  • Very high breaking strength
  • Low stretch
  • UV resistant
  • Does not freeze

Diameter: 2mm, Weight: 3.80 g/m, Breaking strength:  650 lbs

Length: 15,2 m

Color: Grey

FAQ: How to melt the jacket and core together: The simple and easy solution is to go back from the tail end of the cord about a half a meter and milk the Polyester/Dyneema jacket over the Dyneema core. Once you make the jacket slightly longer than the core (you only need to make it about 3 mm), then it’s time to melt the ends together.  The Polyester/Dyneema jacket will encapsulate over the Dyneema core locking it in place.  It is a permanent solution that you can use with all cords/ropes with different yarn chemistries.  

Guide to Lawson Equipment cordage:

Reflective Glowire: Best guyline choice for most. Reflects and prevents tripping on guylines. If in doubt, choose Glowire, you will not be dissapointed.

Guywire: Same as Glowire but without the reflective yarns. Choose this, if you want stealth over convenience.

Ironwire: Robust ultra-premium cordage with dyneema core. Choose this, if you want the best cordage money can buy, or if you are planning a trip to regions with strong storms.

Weight 58 g

Olive, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Lime


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