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Nitecore UT27 packs a punch in a light and compact package! Specifically designed for trail running UT27 has a penetrating spotlight mode as well as a broad floodlight mode. In addition to trail running this headlamp shines in dark hiking environments and doesn’t weigh you down. The whole package including the lamp, battery and headband only weighs 74 grams!

Nitecore UT27 can be recharged from an external power source while it’s in use. So those who carry a powerbank can hike on without fear of running out of light. The Li-ion battery of UT27 can be substituted with spare AAA batteries which further increases the robustness of this headlamp.

Nitecore UT27

As the summer turns into fall the need of additional source of light increases even in the northern wilderness. Nitecore UT27 brings plenty of light in the darkness while maintaining incredibly low weight for the features and power it packs. It’s designed with trail running in mind which naturally makes it a serious contender among lightweight hiking headlamps. Nitecore UT27 has two main light modes: a long throwing spotlight and a wide TrueVision floodlight. The latter mode is best suited for hiking purposes and can be used in two different power settings of 200 and 55 lumens. On top of these two main modes there’s an auxiliary red light mode that maintains your ability to see in the dark unlike white light. The user interface is dead simple with only two buttons.

Nitecore UT27’s source of power is USB-C rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes with the package. The battery can be recharged while it’s in use. You can also switch the Li-ion battery with three AAA batteries. The battery compartment glows in the dark which makes switching batteries easy and safe in the dark. The headlamp comes with a stuff sack that works as a diffuser turning UT27 into a nice soft ambient lamp for camp use.

Technical details

  • Weighs 73 grams (lamp, battery, headband)
  • Maximum output 520 lm
  • Maximum beam distance 128 m
  • Maximum bean intensity 4120 cd
  • Maximum runtime 13 h
  • 2 x CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs
  • Beam color: warm white light, white light, red light
  • HLB1300 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack, 3 × AAA
  • IP66 rated
  • USB-C port

Nitecore UT27

Nitecore UT27 All-Purpose Design

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Nitecore UT27 Interface

Nitecore UT27 Red Light

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