Nitecore LA10 ultralight Lantern


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Sometimes, a small lantern is necessary to illuminate the tent. The Nitecore LA10 is the lightest and most compact camping lantern we’ve found, and it still works great. Whether you want steady light for cooking in the tent or a small lamp above the table in a wilderness hut, this is the lightest solution you can find.

The Nitecore LA10 is a small camping lantern that not only creates ambiance but is also practical. Use it to light up the tent for aurora photos, and use the lantern as a flashing beacon to find your way back after summiting a mountain.

Awarded by ISPO, its design allows the shade to be retracted into the aluminum body for protection with a mechanism similar to a lip balm stick.

Nitecore LA10 Ultralight Lantern

The Nitecore LA10 is an award-winning little camping lantern for those dark autumn and winter evenings. Hang it above the table in a wilderness hut or from the ceiling of your tent. The LA10 lantern also features a magnetic base, making it easy to attach to things like the window metal hinges of a wilderness hut or a car ceiling. This small lantern is also useful for outdoor photographers, providing diffused light for subjects face and for creating atmospheric night shots of your tent.

The diffuser that retracts like a lip balm stick is a brilliant invention, ensuring the lantern remains undamaged in your pack.

Powered by a single AA battery, the LA10 can also use rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries for cold weather conditions.

The Nitecore LA10 lantern offers just the right light modes:

  • 135 lumens when you need bright light
  • 40 lumens for general use
  • 10 lumens for reading and late-night activities
  • Flashing beacon mode when you need to find your way back to the tent from the mountain top

IPX6 moisture-resistant and shockproof up to 1.5 meters.

When not in use for camping, the LA10 serves as a great reading light for car camping, or as an emergency light during power outages at home.

A hanging loop is included. Battery (1 x AA) not included in the package.



Weight 43 g


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