Nitecore NU25 400L

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Nitecore NU25 400L is the next generation version of the popular NU25 headlamp. It has an excellent feature set compared to its weight. NU25 has an excellent balance of light weight, lumens, battery capacity and usability. This is the reason why it has been one of the most popular headlamps among hikers. The new version reaches 400 lumens with 56 grams of weight.

NU25 400L is a great choice for hikers, and is a common sight on the trail after dark.

Nitecore NU25 400L

NU25 400L is a light but powerful headlamp. In most hikes you don’t need a high-powered headlamp such as Nitecore HC33, but a smaller light is enough.

You get two light modes with NU25: the spotlight with long throw, and a floodlight for camp chores, both at 200 lumens. Together these modes add up to 400 lumens of total light. With the wide flood setting you can use an ultralow 6 lumen mode, which is enough with camp chores. Additionally there is a red light mode that is good for map reading when you want to preserve your night vision.

The different lighting modes enable an optional amount of light in different situations. In typical camp use and night hiking usually the 60 lm setting is enough, with 10 hours of operational time. With the ultralow (6 lm) setting you can do your camp chores, with an excellent battery life of 45 hours. The turbo mode will give you 400 lumens for 2h 40 minutes.

Red light does not disturb night vision or falling asleep. That is why it works well at night when the nature calls you to crawl out of your tent.

NU25 400L has an ultralow self discharge at standby mode. This means that it is always ready to go in your closet.

NU25 headband is removable, so you can wash it e.g. after a run. The headband blocks sweat from getting in your eyes.

NU25 400L and NU25 UL differences: The lamp is the same in both models. The differences are in headband: in UL-version the band is lighter stretch cord, and in NU25 400L it is a traditional band.


Technical information:

  • Lamp with battery and headband: 56 g
  • Maximum lumens: 400 lm
  • Maximum throw: 64 m
  • Max peak beam intensity: 1029 cd
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output with 45 h maximum runtime
  • Casing made from durable polycarbonate materials
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB-C charging port
  • Waterproof and dustproof according to IP66 rating
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • 4 indicator lights for battery charge status

Weight 56 g

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