Aideepen Nano adjustable USB nanolight


Weight: 3.5 g

Nano-sized lamp that works as a camping lantern, hut light or reading light. Before this, camping lanterns were an unnecessary luxury for an ultralight hiker – now you don’t need to sacrifice.

Aideepen Nano weighs only 3.3 grams, and is powered directly from an USB port. Use it in combination with a power bank. Aideepen Nano is an excellent backup in case you happen to drop your primary headlamp.

You can adjust the brightness with a touch sensor on the back of the lamp. Low power consumption.

Aideepen Nano adjustable USB nanolight

Nano-sized headlamp to light your tent, hut or as backup. Can be used as a beacon to find back to your tent at night. Powered via USB. Stepless brightness adjustment enables you to dial in the perfect amount of light.

Usage: Press the touch sensor to turn on the light. Hold the touch to adjust brightness. Turn off the lamp but pressing the touch sensor again.

A white drybag or a DCF bag is an excellent lamp shade for this. Check for example DCF Tent Stakes Sack, DCF Drybag or DCF Food Bag

Keep the light protected from moisture. The design is truly minimal, and the components are visible on the surface of the device.

Two color temperatures:

White: Closer to sunlight, and gives slightly more brightness with the same battery capacity, as neutral white LEDs are more efficient. Best color temperature also for photography.

Warm white: Soft and comfortable light, perfect for relaxing in a tent or hut.

If you can’t decide, buy both, as these are truly inexpensive and there are hundreds of use cases for a small little light. These are currently sold to Ukraine by the thoushands to light homes and other buildings, so they are a worthful investment also in terms of preparedness.


  • 6 LEDs
  • Current: 200 mA
  • Power: 1.2 W
  • Voltage: 5 V
  • Color temperature: White 5000 K, Warm White 3200 K
  • Lumens: 50 lm

Power source not included. We recommend the hiker powerbank comparison winning Nitecore powerbanks as a companion for this light.

Weight: 3.3 g

Weight 3,5 g

White, Warm white


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