Nitecore TUBE V2.0


Weight: 10 g

Nitecore TUBE V2.0 is a minimalistic handheld lamp which, despite its minuscule size, delivers plenty of light in most scenarios.

Does your hiking mostly happen during summer when there’s plenty of light? Or maybe you’re an avid outdoor photographer who could benefit from additional sources of light? Nitecore TUBE V2.0 provides an excellent solution!


Nitecore TUBE V2.0

The Nordic summer is known for its midnight sun and there’s no need for a substantial lamp. At most you’ll need additional light during the night in your tent or in a wilderness hut. It’s an easy decision to cut weight by leaving your heavier lamp behind in these conditions. On the other hand a photographer will appreciate a super light and compact additional source of light when shooting in the dark. You can even bring multiple TUBE V2.0 and they won’t weigh you down. Operating the lamp couldn’t be any easier, there’s one button that takes care of everything.

TUBE V2.0 is not a headlamp though so you’ll need to hold it in your hand (or between your teeth) while using it. You can also use a binder clip to attach it to the brim of your cap. If you’re interested you could do a small modification with shock cord which turns the lamp into a headlamp. Here’s an example.

Technical details

  • Max output 55 lm
  • Max beam distance 25 m
  • Max beam intensity 156 cd
  • High performance LED
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with micro USB port
  • Weight 9,6 g
  •  Infinitely variable brightness
  • IP65 rated

Nitecore TUBE V2.0 Specifications

Nitecore TUBE V2.0 Colors

Weight 10 g

Black, Transparent, Olive, Jacinth, Orange, Green, Lemon, Azure


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