Farlite gift guide 2023

Christmas is approaching! But what would be the best gift for an outdoor enthusiast? Farlite Christmas Gift Guide is here to help!

Buying a gift from us is easy – we only sell carefully selected outdoor gear that excels in its category. A delightful gift can be found for even the most discerning outdoor enthusiast. All our products are among the lightest in their class, so you’re not only lightening the recipient’s load but also giving a gift that’s both practical and enjoyable!

If you can’t decide, we also offer an easy-to-get gift card with a custom amount and message.

20 euros and under

An awesome little gift for outdoor enthusiasts is Fozzils’ flat-packable camping dishes. Especially the Bowlz and Snapfold bowls, and for coffee lovers, the ultralight Coffee Dripper.

A camping spoon makes a great small gift since they tend to disappear. Give the receiver a more durable solution. Our favorite is the Sea to Summit Alphalight Spoon Long, with a stylish package and a closure loop for hanging. The titanium Toaks spoon with a polished bowl is another stylish and durable gift!

A small knife is always a good gift. Opinel folding knives are our favorites for ultralight hikes and summer picnics. We recommend the Opinel #7 Carbone, a perfectly sized and beautiful knife. Opinel has been making knives since 1890, so these won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Get outdoor gear in shape! Renew the waterproofing with Granger’s Clothing Repel or wash your down jacket with Down Wash Concentrate.

Repair kits help outdoor enthusiasts in times of need. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape is a classic repair kit that will get you through even the toughest situations.

Is the recipient a DIY enthusiast or just a MacGyver? Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps are repair kit royalty and belong in every outdoor enthusiast’s “trick bag.” With these, you can fix things like shoes, bindings, boots, paddles, or backpacks. The longer version is the most versatile gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

A great gift for every outdoor enthusiast is Evernew soft flask. We say this because it goes on every hike with us. The soft flask holds a large amount of water when full but disappears into the backpack like magic when empty. And they’re durable!

Camp meals are also a great gift, and a nice extra for any hiker gift package! With a delicious hot camping meal, you’ll surely lift the recipient’s spirits in any weather. Choose premium-quality Real Turmat camping meals with excellent taste!

Repair & Accessories

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape (Clear)

Weight: 15g
Weight: 128g
Weight: 19g
Weight: 12g
Weight: 18g
Weight: 36g


Evernew FO-COOP

Weight: 12g
Weight: 29g
Weight: 360g
Weight: 40g

Bottles and containers

Evernew Water Carry 2000 ml

Weight: 42g
Weight: 113g

20-50 euros

Socks are often given as Christmas gifts. How about the world’s best socks this time? Darn Tough socks routinely outperform all comparisons of hiking socks. The socks also come with a lifetime warranty – if they wear out, you’ll get new ones! Darn Tough hiking socks are available for men and women. This is a perfect example of a fail-proof gift for outdoor enthusiasts!

Is the recipient still trying to use a rolled-up sweater as a pillow? Why bother when modern camping pillows weigh almost nothing. A camping pillow is an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. Our favorite is the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight, and so it is for many others. There is also a Large size for taller individuals. For those who prefer softness, choose the Nemo Fillo Elite!

A headlamp as a gift? Nitecore NU25 UL and Led Lenser Neo1R bring light into the Christmas season and, of course, function as ultralight lamps during the hike.

A knife is always a good gift. Mora Eldris is a handy pocket knife that fits nicely in the pants pocket during the hike. It’s suitable for both men and women!

The efficient and lightweight Opinel camping saw is not only practical but also a beautiful gift with its beechwood handle. An excellent combination of usefulness, design, and outdoor spirit!

Weight: 68g
Weight: 56g
Weight: 79g
Weight: 60g
Weight: 70g

Headlamps & Power Banks

Nitecore NU25 UL

Weight: 45g

Headlamps & Power Banks

Led Lenser NEO1R

Weight: 39g
Weight: 190g

50-70 euros

Starting with an easy recommendation in this price range: if a hiker doesn’t have the Nitecore NB10000 backup power bank, they’re missing out. It’s so popular that almost every hiker already has this power bank in their backpack. Why? Its weight-capacity ratio is something that competitors can’t come close.

Do you want to give the outdoor enthusiast a gift twith first-class design, great handling and practicality, and which lasts year after year? Choose the Japanese Evernew camping pot. This titanium pot is so popular among uncompromising long-distance hikers that it has rightfully earned its reputation as the world’s best camping pot. It’s a durable and enjoyable camping companion for many years to come. The 900 ml size is the best for most.

For the passionate outdoor enthusiast, consider a top-of-the-line camping stove. X-Boil has been the hit of the year and is an excellent upgrade for hikers accustomed to alcohol stoves.

Hiking poles are needed for both short and long hikes. Fizan Compact 3 poles are unique in that they are not only affordable but also good. These poles have been used on several super long hikes and climbed Everest and K2. These poles with a great price-quality ratio will last for a long time!

The Sea to Summit Dry Daypack is a handy gift as it serves as both a dry bag and a backpack. It works not only for summit hikes but also for carrying workout gear in everyday life.

47,50 49,50 
Weight: 41g
Out of stock

Backpacks and carry

Sea to Summit Dry Daypack 22L

Weight: 110g

Trekking poles

Fizan Compact 3

Weight: 158g
Weight: 115g

Headlamps & Power Banks

Nitecore NB10000 Gen 2

Weight: 150g

Over 70 euros

The best camping stove as a gift for the outdoor enthusiast right now? MSR PocketRocket Deluxe works even in the wind and is light and reliable. The stove is almost always at the top of tests or as a winner, and it has earned recognitions like “Highly recommended” from Backpackinlight.com.

A soft package? Montane Protium Lite shirts are so versatile that there’s no outdoor activity where they wouldn’t work. Additionally, they are the best hiking shirts of the moment, and that’s what we choose for our hikes.

Northern Lite Rain Skirt is a clever invention that works well in damp Finnish weather. It can be pulled on over shoes, beating shell pants with its ease of use. 

Something soft for Christmas? Montane Protium Lite shirts are so versatile that there’s no outdoor activity where they wouldn’t work. Additionally, they are the best hiking shirts of the moment, and the shirt we use ourselves when hiking.

A quality backpack as a gift? Granite Gear Crown 3 is a high-quality and lightweight backpack for versatile adventures. Spacious and practical, Crown is the backpack that most often accompanies us on our own hikes – it was once again with us in the Himalayas in October.

Weight: 83g
Weight: 225g
Weight: 190g

Backpacks and carry

Granite Gear Crown 3 60 Unisex

Weight: 1088g
Weight: 1088g